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August 24th Men's Bible Study

August 24th, 6:00 @ Camino Real Mexican Restaurant!

After 3 months we are nearing the end of chapter one... We started with the typical and sometimes obligatory overview of the book and then looked at only the first two verses. Where James makes a complete 180 from being a brother who hated Jesus and was ready to commit the man, to being a sold out servant who though himself unworthy of his position. Don't let that go over our heads! Just those two verses speak volumes!

Then we walked thru the first main section as James hit on a man's greatest strength - endurance. And we saw how he spoke to those different times and outlooks in our lives as we fight the battle of all Christian Men.

Now on August 24th we will delve into the beginning of the next part. Here James starts to talk about what real faith looks like. The plan is for us to look at 1:19-2:26. Now, we might not get that far but we'll be ready.

I'll see you at Camino Real Mexican Restaurant at 6:00 on August 24th.

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