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Lead Well

“For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.”—Ephesians 5:23

Brother, what you think about yourself and your social construct do not primarily inform your identity—God does. Altering your appearance, dress, voice, and even mutilating your flesh does not change the core of your identity. It may demonstrate your insecurity in it and a passion for knowing it. But don't wonder a moment longer—your identity was first formed as a creation by the Creator.

And while we are sexually different from women, we are both bearers of God’s image, both heirs of God’s grace, and both called to rule God’s creation. And still, our sexual differences do have a social consequence in our family.

When it comes to your role and leadership in the home, you have an exclusive responsibility. It’s to lead well (true loving male headship). And this is done not in an oppressive, controlling, compulsive, and narcissistic way and it cannot be done by a husband and father who is absent. But instead by one who is spiritually present and devoutly influences his wife and children in an honoring, loving, and humble way.

DO THIS: Lead, but do it well.

PRAYER: God, although I anticipate challenges to my leadership, you affirm it. Give me strength today to lead, push through my insecurities, future failures into my need for obedience to the call you have on me.

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