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March 30th: Taylor's BBQ @ 6:00pm.

Men’s Monthly: Taylor’s BBQ Bible Study, March 30th at 6:00pm!

Last month we took some time and just encouraged one another around our table as we shared our favorite bible passages. We took some time to stop and see how important it is that we have these scriptures in our hearts and on our minds as we travel through these rough times that we call life.

This month we want to look at the idea of mediation. Don't let that word 'meditation' scare you, and don't let it go over your head either. We want to look at what it is, what it means and how we can do it!

So join us for a good study and some good food on March 30th down at Taylor's BBQ around 6:00pm!

We will run through a two fold study:

Part 1 - Me Meditate? What it is and why we are supposed to do it.

Part 2 - Mediating In The Reverse. A Simple Technique for Scriptural Mediation using a Comparison of James 1:20 and James 3:17-18

March 30th | Taylor's BBQ | 6:00pm... See you there!

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